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Eating these foods may affect male fertility

There are several foods that may affect your fertility. Here are some food items that may decrease your fertility.

Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks like soft drinks or sports drink can impact your sperm count. A study published in Human Reproduction revealed that regular drinking of carbonated beverages is linked to poor sperm motility.

Processed Meat: A Harvard Study showed that men who ate fewer than 1.5 servings of processed meats a week had a 28% better chance of achieving pregnancy compared to men who ate almost 3 more servings a week.

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Alcohol: Alcohol reduces sperm count. According to a study, excess consumption of cheese and full fat milk may impact sperm count.

Eating healthy and fresh foods are not only beneficial for overall health but also for the health of your sperm. It has been found that bananas improve male libido and regulate sex hormones. As they are rich in vitamin C, A and B1, they boost fertility in men.



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