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Include these Calcium rich foods in your diet to have healthy bones and teeth

Calcium is the most essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth. When calcium is low in the body, there is an increased risk of many health problems such as joint pain, nerve related diseases, weakness in the limbs and back pain. Calcium is essential not only for bone strength but also for brain and skeletal muscle function.

The food we eat is the main source of calcium. So let’s get to know the foods that are high in calcium:

Milk is rich in calcium.  Milk is a storehouse of calcium. Dairy products like buttermilk and paneer all contain calcium. Soy milk is second on this list. It is not only rich in calcium, but also rich in vitamin D and protein, which help in calcium absorption.

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Yogurt is one of the best sources of protein. Low-fat yogurt contains high levels of calcium. Seeds like sesame and chia provide quick energy to the body. They contain not only calcium but also healthy fats and protein.

Leafy greens are next on the list. The body can get the calcium it needs from leafy vegetables that are rich in nutrients. So spinach, broccoli, moringa leaves etc. can be included in the diet.  One cup of almonds contains 385 grams of calcium. It is about one-third of the calcium required by the body in a day.


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