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Know these health benefits of Mint leaves

Mint leaves contain many nutrients. Mint is rich in vitamin C. It  helps boost immunity. Rich in antioxidants, mint leaves are great for those with digestive problems. Mint leaves  help speed up the digestion process.

According to Ayurveda, mint leaves  contain anti-inflammatory properties and help to avoid changes in the breathing process. So it is good for asthma patients to include mint leaves in their diet.

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It is common to scratch the body due to mosquito bites etc. If you feel itchy due to any of these reasons, apply mint leaves. Mint leaves also soften the skin.

Acne scars are a major beauty problem faced by women. These spots can be removed to some extent by using mint. Mix oatmeal and mint leaf juice and apply it on your face. It removes dead skin. Soak your feet in boiled water with mint leaves. Soon the cracks on the feet will disappear.

Drinking mint water regularly has many health benefits. It also helps in overcoming stress and anxiety.

The digestive enzymes present in mint can help not only with digestive problems but also support weight loss. You can drink mint water with honey and lemon juice for weight loss and healthy skin.


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